Tuition Deposit

As all other schools, you have to send in a deposit to confirm your seat in the incoming class. Duke requires 2000$. You have an option of sending bank drafts, or wire transfer. I chose the latter. Duke also requires original transcript and signed confirmation card to be sent along.

Duke Admission Packet Received

Today Fedex delivered Duke admission packet. I was extremely happy to be part of TeamFuqua. I had been excited and looking forward to receiving the packet the last couple of days after I got the call on Dec 20 from Duke. Yes, Duke calls

Go DUKE!!!!

I’m the happiest person in the World!! Just got the call from Fuqua Admissions… Admitted to Daytime MBA with scholarship!! Cannot describe the moment. The efforts paid off.

Duke Interview

I am done with my interview. It was with a current second year student who turned out to be very friendly and laidback. It was the toughest interview I went through among all the schools I interviewed, but overall went fine.